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Nationwide Empanada Delivery

Homemade, Artisanal Empanadas

Bringing the Fiesta to your doorstep


1. Choose your Empanadas

2. Book your Delivery

3. Heat them up

Sweet or savoury - pick your favourite fillings.

Get your order in just a few working days.

Your Empanadas arrive frozen. Put them in the oven and enjoy!

Empanadas made with love! ❤️

At Empanada Express, it's no secret that we love Empanadas! In fact, it's our passion for these little pockets of goodness that inspired us to embark on this exciting family-run venture!

Our mission is to provide you with the best tasting Empanadas on the planet. From Smoky Beef to classic Cheese & Onion, indulge in a tantalising selection of 12 irresistible Empanada flavours. Each filling is lovingly enclosed in our handcrafted pastry, cooked to a golden perfection and then delivered directly to your doorstep!

Order your Empanadas 📦

Ready to satisfy your Empanada cravings? Simply choose your favourite Empanadas from the menu below and let the Fiesta begin!


* Please note that there is a minimum £15 order, not including the delivery fee.